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A blog dedicated to helping out a Supernatural family member who is in need of our help. A kind, good-hearted, human being who is in an unfortunate situation. She is not asking for us to do this, we're doing this because she deserves it. Because we care and we wont sit back and do nothing.

Current situation: Sashi is now resting at home, she has a few weeks to recover before anything. Her next doctor's appointment is on March 15.

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How to send money via paypal


I know you’re all trying to help donate money to Sashi and I just wanted to say I love you all so much. I honestly see this fandom as a family and I just get emotional over my family and ugh I just love you all so much. Anyways, I’m gonna try to explain to you guys how to donate via paypal. 

I’m putting this under a read more because there are lots of screen shots and text haha.

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    guys please go here to see what this is about, it’s very very important.
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