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A blog dedicated to helping out a Supernatural family member who is in need of our help. A kind, good-hearted, human being who is in an unfortunate situation. She is not asking for us to do this, we're doing this because she deserves it. Because we care and we wont sit back and do nothing.

Current situation: Sashi is now resting at home, she has a few weeks to recover before anything. Her next doctor's appointment is on March 15.

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About Sashi

"Ever since she was a kid, she’s been suffering from chronic pain on her abdomen, getting worse over the years, getting fucked over by doctors who misdiagnosed her or flat out told her she was “lying” about her pain just to get pain killers.

After years of awful symptoms, trying to figure out whats wrong, ER visits when she couldn’t bear with the pain anymore, having to rush everytime to the hospital, she has finally been diagnosed with a severe case of Endometriosis, which requires a big surgery that also requires to remove her ovaries that are practically all covered in several tumors the size of big oranges, even she feels the stiffness on her tummy.

Endometriosis consists in cysts (in her case of 8cm) growing around her ovaries and affecting intestines and several organs.

Up-to date, she’s 24, had to quit her job (and therefore having no insurance) because she can barely move anymore. She has developed several other side problems from this disease, she can’t eat because there’s literally no room in her internal organs to proceed any food anymore.

As much as it hurts to type down and as tears well up in my eyes,

She’s dying.

She’s been slowly dying in front of my eyes for the past years of fighting.

After trying several times to get medicare, today she got denial again because according to the government she doesn’t count as a “disabled” person.

saving her life is up to a surgery that would cost thousands of dollars, I am uncertain exactly how much, I’m researching that right now, been researching all night, trying to find out some solutions; but if she finally could afford this surgery she’d be able to…start to live again.

Though, is sweet of the person above me that talked about donations, Sashi herself is reluctant of donations because the surgery is really, really expensive and its true, it would require a LOT of work/donations to get to any near goal. 

I don’t want her to die and keep going through this, I would do anything that is in my hands to help her. To prove her wrong, to show her we care. I am writing this against her will because she would not want to sound “needy” or calling for attention for anyone. she’s always willing to help others with their problems, but she’s too fucking nice to ask for help for herself, she feels uncomfortable with this stuff. But, still. I need to write this. And its why she needs to keep on living, because she doesn’t deserve this at all, she’s the last person I know that would deserve this.

Can you take a minute to reblog, spread the word, and help us with any information you may have on some insurance or coverage she could get (medi-cal isn’t an option anymore, she’s been denied many times) maybe some of you know someone, or know about this stuff, hell, maybe there are some doctors out here. Maybe some answers are out there. Is worth a try, anything you can help her with.”